​​​​Articles by Jade Angelica:

Acceptance and Gratitude: Transforming Spiritual Practices for Alzheimer's Caregivers
Spiritual support in the midst of a challenging illness.

Alzheimer's Caring:  How Faith Communities can serve people with dementia and their families
Congregations can express their spiritual beliefs by embodying the words of Teresa of Avila: God has “no hands, no feet on earth but yours.” 

Alzheimer's Caregiving Takes a Village
How compassionate communities can better serve people with dementia and their loved ones. 

Alzheimer’s Disease Created the Opportunity for Mutual Mothering
Reflections on the experience of caregiving.

​​Improvisation Can Help to Heal:  Even Trauma, Even Alzheimer’s
The reason that improvisation surprises us with its healing potential is because we think that this creative drama craft is about comedy and performance and being outrageously clever or quick-witted. But it’s not. At its core, improvisation is about being obvious, and saying or doing the next logical thing; it’s about being authentic; it’s about exploring what it means to be human.

On a Pilgrimage through Alzheimer's, Promise and Paradox Intersect
Reflections on the experience of caregiving.

Seeing the True Value of Our Loved Ones with Alzheimer's
Finding value in the midst of loss.

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
The Inquirer, St. Mark’s Unitarian Church, Edinburgh, Scotland
In the face of doubt and fear and resistance, just keep on believing in all things good.

Articles by Other Authors:

Just Say Yes—And
By Lisa Genova, Author of Still Alice
It’s the #1 rule in Improvisational Acting. You say, “Yes, and,” to everything you are offered. As actors cooperating to create a fictional reality on stage, you agree to agree, or nothing works.​​

Finding Spirit in the Sundown by Laura Randall
Alzheimer's Disease Creates Opportunity for Mutual Mothering

A Shared Personal Journey 

A report from The Telegraph Herald by Mary Nevans-Pederson​

Emotion remains long after memory fades
From Iowa Now. Groundbreaking University of Iowa study by Edmarie Guzman-Velez offers good news for caregivers and patients.

First Parish of Milton to hold care-giving workshops
Boston Globe Article by Michelle Morgan Bolton
A caring congregation is one that creates an intentional culture of care in its own ranks and also takes that caring culture out into the wider world

Healing Moments for Alzheimer's provides caregivers, patients hope

A report from by The Lake Land Times by Raymond T. Rivard.

Selected Book Reviews for Where Two Worlds Touch:

Book Review from Caring Connections
Book review of Where Two Worlds Touch from Caring Connections
By Bradford Goff, MD

Tikkun's Book Review
Book review of Where Two Worlds Touch from Tikkun magazine
By Rabbi Richard Address

Review of The Forgiving and the Forgetting
An Alzheimer's Education: The Forgiving and the Forgetting, Hope and Healing for Alzheimer's by Sean Margaret Wagner

Alzheimer’s Canyon

Sky Yardley and Jane Dwinell have been together since 1985. They raised two children, for many years had a small farm, and retired in their 50s to travel and do volunteer work. They both had successful careers — Sky as a family mediator, and Jane as an RN, freelance writer, and Unitarian Universalist minister. As an avocation, they designed and built six houses and renovated two others. 

Sky was diagnosed with “probable early stage Alzheimer’s disease” in the summer of 2016. He had been showing signs of memory loss since 2012. He was 66 when he was diagnosed. Jane was 62.

They started the Alzheimer’s Canyon blog as a way to erase the stigma attached to dementia and to increase understanding of the way it affects people on a day-to-day basis. People with dementia, and their loved ones, are not to be pitied or ignored, but to be treated with the full respect accorded to anyone, and with the understanding that they can meaningfully participate in life and in society despite their disability.

Resources Recommended by Healing Moments:

Alzheimer’s Speaks & Lori LeBey

Caregiver’s Survival & Catherine Marie

Dementia Action Alliance

National Center for Creative Caregiving/Creative Caregiving Initiative

Memory Bridge
Alzheimer's Association
Still Alice by Lisa Genova

National Council on Aging
Spirituality and Aging—California Lutheran Homes
Aging, Dementia, and the Faith Community
Nicole Milner Music
What Is Alzheimer's Disease?

Straight A's For Alzheimers Caregivers

Naturally You Healing

Alina Crow Designs

Us Against Alzheimer's

​Clergy Against Alzheimer's

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